Writing a Middle Grade Novel

Writing Up to Children


Here is another terrific article that not only gives permission to writers, but also encourages them, to use interesting and challenging vocabulary in their writing.  I was one of those kids that made up words and combined words.  I even took some pride in using my invented language.  Children are sponges soaking up fascinating experiences and the more fabulous vocabulary we pour into their brains now, the more they will have access to later on when they are writers themselves.

My favorite book was my dear, blue, beat-up Thesaurus.  I highlighted and dog-eared pages, referring back to it over the years many times.  As a teacher I see a real fascination with new language when I teach creative writing.  I had a 2nd grader use the words “palpitate” and “exquisite” in a poem recently.  I knew then that I had accomplished something this school year.