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Wikipedia’s Sexism Toward Female Novelists

Wikipedia’s Sexism Toward Female Novelists

Read this article by AMANDA FILIPACCHI published April 24, 2013.

I can’t believe that something like this can still happen?  Who’s idea was this and how can Wikipedia think this would go unnoticed?  I strongly feel this should be corrected!  I’d like to assume this was unintentional but this is still “a man’s world.”  So often our male counterparts still get compensated more for their work.

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Writing Up to Children

Here is another terrific article that not only gives permission to writers, but also encourages them, to use interesting and challenging vocabulary in their writing.  I was one of those kids that made up words and combined words.  I even took some pride in using my invented language.  Children are sponges soaking up fascinating experiences and the more fabulous vocabulary we pour into their brains now, the more they will have access to later on when they are writers themselves.

My favorite book was my dear, blue, beat-up Thesaurus.  I highlighted and dog-eared pages, referring back to it over the years many times.  As a teacher I see a real fascination with new language when I teach creative writing.  I had a 2nd grader use the words “palpitate” and “exquisite” in a poem recently.  I knew then that I had accomplished something this school year.


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Rosemont College Book Festival – May 4th from 10:00 to 4:00

Rosemont College Book Festival will be held on May 4th from 10:00 to 4:00.
I will be there with local publisher WragsInk reading some original poetry from the Anthology Philly: Poetry Edition published last year.

The first annual book festival at Rosemont College supports authors, small indie publishers, literary journals and the community of book buyers. In addition to the many wonderful books, there will be panel discussions, small workshops and readings throughout the day.

Registration for table or author chair is now open.

For more info about the festival or to register go to

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Writing Up to Children

Writing Up to Children

Here’s a great little article that articulates how I view books and, more importantly, children.

Readers rise to the occasion.  It is important that we, as learners, be constantly challenged and exposed to new language.  It pushes us to ask questions and discover more about our world.  Sometimes I ask myself, “Is that word too hard for a middle grade novel?”  Usually, the answer is, “No!”  Assume that writers are providing readers with a chance to expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

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Books for Advanced Young Readers: An Area of Need in the World of Publishing

I have been teaching elementary school (kindergarden and 2nd grade) for ten years. I have always found one section of my classroom library, the school library, and even local book stores lacking… age appropriate books for advanced readers. There are always a handful of students who exceed grade level expectations, especially in the area of decoding. There have been a few gems that fill this need. However, there is still a hole here to be filled!  The level of vocabulary, the age appropriate content, the sophisticated plots and characters, all come together in these rare books to provide the right amount of challenge without including topics more suitable for higher level grades such as middle school.

I’m always searching to beef up this section of my classroom library and recently I came across this article that I thought would be great to share with parents/teachers.

How to Choose Age Appropriate Books for Advanced Readers

If you have any book recommendations, please share them as I am generating a WISH LIST for future reference.  Thanks!

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Check out this Blog! Agent Round Up: Reading as an Agent

Be sure to read this great blog for advice directly from Agents in the business!

Who better to get some insider tips from than from the very agents that represent new authors?

This is an especially exciting time for writers beginning their careers because the information is so easily accessible.  There are also a lot of agents out there that WANT to help us succeed.  We have more options than ever when it comes to publishing our work, so the best thing we can do for ourselves is to research all the possibilities.

ADVENTURES IN YA AND CHILDREN’S PUBLISHING – Agent Round-up: Reading as an Agent

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Query and Pitch Clinic with Marie Lamba

ImageThere are only a few openings left for a small workshop on April 7th and April 14th with author/agent Marie Lamba at the Word Studio right here in Philadelphia!  Check out the website at http://www.thewordstudio.us for more information on how to register!  I’ll be there!