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Thank You Page to My Kickstarter Backers

This has been a long time coming but I would like to post here a list of all my $25 or more Kickstarter Backers.  The supporters of my campaign to fund my book writing project, Emic Rizzle, Tinkerer, enabled me to not give up on my dreams of becoming a published author.

Sketch by illustrator, Mark Mattson

Sketch by illustrator, Mark Mattson

Aimee Keough


Betty Ann Fish

Bobby Klein

Brenda Laigaie

Carol Davis

Catherine Domanska

Charles Lawrence

Christopher Sarnowski

Christy Yaffe

Cindy Froggatt

Dave Walsh

David Alley

David Markland

David Wiesner

Debbie Gress

Donna Shea

Elizabeth Kostova

Emilie Haertsch

Frank Steel

Gail Moxey

Gayle Wieand

Georgia McWhinney

Ginger Johnston

Gingi Wingard

Gretchen Haertsch

Hadley Steel

Jane Toczek

Jeanette Juryea

Jessica Satryan

Jo Fellner

Joel Levinson

John McTigue

Julie Kirshtein

Kathleen Watkins

Kathy Downs

Kelly Ann Nori

Laine Jacoby

Laura Levitt

Laura Trujillo

Lee and Bob Opp

Mark Grayson

Martha Crowell

Martha Valciukas

Mary Mark Ockerbloom

Melissa Maddonni Haims

Michael Domanski

Michelle Cooney

Michelle Waldo

Mr. and Mrs. Gress

Nick Lutwyche

Patricia J. Masarachia

Rachael Williams

Rebecca Thornburgh

Rosella Heilemann

Sandra Bacote

Santa Federico

The  Palmer-James Family

Sean Gallagher

Seema Nayyar

Sheryl Winston Smith

Susan Gobreski

Susan Mooers

William McDevitt


Yaga Brady


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